Wave Energy

Energy Sectors

Wind Energy

Scotland is the windiest country in Europe and the Highlands and Islands have the UK's most efficient wind regimes for on and offshore wind farms.

Solar Energy

Even on cloudy days energy comes from indirect sunlight. This can be used to produce electricity or to heat water.

Biomass Energy

This is created by harvesting organic matter, such as wood or special energy crops, and converting it into heat, electricity or transport fuel.

Marine Energy

The Highlands and Islands is among the best in the world for its marine energy potential, with 10% of Europe's wave and up to 25% of its tidal resources.

Hydro Energy

Hydro power is created by capturing energy from moving water. Today, there are over 80 hydro power stations in the Highlands and Islands.

Oil and Gas Energy

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland has played a key role in the international oil and gas industry, providing offshore deepwater expertise, which is now world-renowned.

Geothermal Energy

The average ground temperature just below the surface in the UK is around 8-13 degrees Celsius all year round.


The Highlands and Islands is at the forefront of this multi-billion pound market, having won and run key contracts in Europe's first major oil field decommissioning project.


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