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About HI-energy

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland has a growing global reputation as the energy power house of Europe.

Its strong legacy in the oil and gas industry and abundance of renewable energy resources means the region is ideally placed to be at the fore of the energy industry.

The region has some of the best natural resources anywhere in the world, a strong infrastructure and skilled workforce.

The HI-energy website gives comprehensive and up-to-date information on the development of the energy mix.

This is where you’ll read about ground-breaking work many local companies are involved in, from research and development to full-scale test facilities. It’s also where you’ll find the latest news and analysis from the energy sector plus full coverage of the markets we work in.

There is, quite simply, no better place to discover why the Highlands and Islands lead the way in energy development.


The explore programme provides news, case studies, supply chain industry database, and details about the growing energy industry in the Highlands and Islands...