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The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) comprises a partnership of 13 academic partners, including community colleges and research institutions. Collectively they provide university-level education and research throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

For some time now renewable energy has been an explicit strand of UHI’s academic work. It has its own dedicated Energy Research Group as well as an exciting renewable energy strategy aimed at establishing its leadership in this field. By taking advantage of its strong geographical location and diverse educational strengths, UHI will focus on developing activities under the banner of 'Sustainable Communities', aimed not only at local communities across the Highlands and Islands but also its role in the global arena.UHI has ambitions to engage with projects at all scales and using a range of renewable energy technologies.

UHI's main objectives are:

  • To gain a national and international reputation as a centre for excellence through renewable energy teaching and research
  • To fully exploit the commercial value of UHI’s renewable energy knowledge and experience by winning research and development and consultancy contracts
  • To raise public knowledge and awareness of renewable energy and assisting the development of the sector.


The explore programme provides news, case studies, supply chain industry database, and details about the growing energy industry in the Highlands and Islands...

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