European Marine Energy Centre

Research and Development Projects

In terms of sheer quality and quantity of renewable energy resource, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland are difficult to beat.

It is understandable then, that the Highlands and Islands are fast becoming a renewable energy laboratory for developers.

There is a wide diversity of renewable energy forms, from wind to marine energy all within a relatively small geographic area.

Among the key research and development projects are the PURE hydrogen project in Unst, Shetland, the Hydrogen Laboratory in the Western Isles, and the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney. Between them they span the spectrum of renewable energy and conduct world class research that is being translated into hard commercial products.

These and many other research projects in the Highlands and Islands are constantly pushing forward renewable energy technology. Renewable energy research and development plays a pivotal role across the region and there are many more opportunities that lie ahead in the next decade and beyond.


The explore programme provides news, case studies, supply chain industry database, and details about the growing energy industry in the Highlands and Islands...

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