Why Renewable Energy is important

Climate change and the need to manage diminishing fossil fuel reserves are, today, two of the biggest challenges facing the planet.

In order to secure the future for ourselves and generations to follow, it is widely accepted that we must act now to reduce energy consumption and substantially cut greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. World leaders have resolved to tackle global warming by signing the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty committing signatory countries to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases from 1990 levels.

The UK is a signatory of the Kyoto Protocol and is actively involved in measures to meet our commitment of a 12.5 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by the period 2008-12. But there is no single solution for the UK or the 155 other countries also aiming to reduce their emissions. The UK response to this challenge is a suite of policies that tackle the emissions problem across sectors, and in a variety of different ways. Energy efficiency and renewable energy (http://www.decc.gov.uk/assets/decc/What%20we%20do/UK%20energy%20supply/Energy%20mix/Renewable%20energy/Renewable%20Energy%20Strategy/1_20090717120647_e_@@_TheUKRenewableEnergyStrategy2009.pdf) are component parts of the answer, not only to climate change, but obtaining secure, future energy resources as well.

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