Renewable Energy and the Scottish Government

Scotland is currently committed to achieving a headline target of 20% of total Scottish energy use coming from renewables sources by 2020. Specific targets include 80% of electricity demand, a 10% target for renewable transport and 11% target of heat demand.

The government has also passed world-leading legislation on climate change, setting a target of a 42% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Scotland's Renewables Action Plan sets out the Scottish Government’s framework for action in the specific area of renewable energy -

Recent announcements include:

The Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit is responsible for granting consents to projects over a certain size. The unit sits within the Scottish Governments' Energy Division.

It comprises two separate teams which have responsibility, under the 1989 Electricity Act, for processing applications for the following work:

  • Section 36 team: Onshore Power Station applications including wind farms over 50MW and hydro developments over 1 MW.  Scottish Government aim to streamline the consents process through by having a 9 month target and also by providing clear guidance through the National Planning Framework 2 (NPF2)  
  • Section 37 team: Offshore Power Station applications; Transmission lines; Necessary Wayleaves; Compulsory Purchase Orders for electricity lines and gas pipelines.


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