Energy Decomissioning


Energy in the Highlands and Islands? Don’t just take our word for it.

In this testimonial section we have asked energy industry leaders to explain the opportunities that exist for the Highlands and Islands:

"Scotland has unparalleled renewable resources that, along with the appropriate skills and infrastructure, place it at the very forefront of renewable energy development. Given the geographical location of much of the resource, it is unsurprising that the Highlands and Islands is taking a lead position particularly in offshore renewables.

"The region is well placed to exploit the economic and community benefits presented by the sector in both the short and longer term. More established technologies such as hydro, onshore wind and bioenergy are already providing a valuable contribution to Scotland's energy mix, and exciting new developments in marine and offshore wind will ensure the region remains at the forefront of the industry."
Niall Stuart, chief executive, Scottish Renewables

"We are fortunate to be based in Orkney in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, where we not only have ideal wave and tidal energy resources, but also a fantastic network of local suppliers with the expertise to ensure the continued success of EMEC."

Neil Kermode, managing director, European Marine Energy Centre



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