Balnain Primary pupils using the renewable energy toolkit

Primary School Factsheets

Highlands and Islands Enterprise developed a renewable energy toolkit for Primary 6-7 children in the Highlands and Islands. The toolkit was distributed to primary teachers who have undertaken a CPD workshop session on renewable energy, which took them through the toolkit, factsheets and activities. The training sessions give teachers a greater understanding of how renewable energy works and the issues around renewable energy and energy efficiency so they can effectively teach their pupils about the subject. 

The toolkit stimulated the children's interest in renewable energy through play, investigation, first hand experience and discussion. It aimed to give pupils an understanding of how renewable energy can impact their lives and the communities they live in. Engaging with young people on the subject of energy is vital if they are to drive this industry forward in years to come.

This project was closely linked to the Curriculum for Excellence which aims to enable young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. The toolkit and associated activities are basic physics for 10 and 11 year olds.

400 toolkits have been distributed to primary schools across the Highlands and Islands. Toolkits were only available to those who have undertaken the CPD session.


The explore programme provides news, case studies, supply chain industry database, and details about the growing energy industry in the Highlands and Islands...