Renewables Education


The fantastic renewable energy resources that the Highlands and Islands of Scotland has provides a unique competitive advantage for the region to lead the world in the development of this important sector.

Being at the forefront will provide many benefits to the people and the communities of the Highlands and Islands, including jobs, sustainable economic growth and stronger and wealthier communities.

Public education

Public education will be vital in the development of the renewables sector in terms of projects, providing the skilled workforce required and a general understanding of the important role and the potential that renewable energy offers.

In addition to finding alternative sources of energy, we also need to
find ways of becoming more energy efficient. Education and awareness
raising is required to ensure that the general public understand the
issues around our energy supply, where it comes from now and where it
will come from in the future. And how can we maintain the lifestyles we
enjoy today, while being kinder to the environment.

Securing our future energy workforce

The energy industry - oil and gas and renewable sectors - has often voiced its concerns regarding current skills shortages and potential future skills gaps for their workforce. Highlands and Islands Enterprise is addressing this issue through the work of its STEM team, which aims to increase the number of young people studying for qualifications and working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


The explore programme provides news, case studies, supply chain industry database, and details about the growing energy industry in the Highlands and Islands...

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